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 Child support

How Child Support is Determined?

The determination of child support can often be a stressful experience for both parents. Child support is calculated using a formula that is based on each parent’s net income and time sharing in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. Child support is number driven and there is very little room for interpretation; however, there are some important factors that an experienced child support attorney can help you with. Florida child support guidelines include the following:

  • Gather all financial information from the opposing party;
  • Review tax implications on each party’s income;
  • Review the time-sharing agreement for overnight visitation; and
  • Calculate child support with you and be prepared for mediation.

The Jennifer Dane Family Law office in Orlando, FL can help you to navigate through these guidelines and ensure that the process is fair and just when determining child support payments.

Attorney Jennifer Dane and her team of lawyers will personally handle your case with the care and consideration that it deserves. You will be able to personally contact by phone, text or email at any time with questions and concerns about your case. At the Jennifer Dane Family Law office in Orlando, FL we will advocate for you throughout your entire child support case and will get Attorney Dane’s full attention.

Child Support Calculations

Florida statutes mandate that every initial divorce and initial paternity proceeding involving a minor child include an award of child support. Child support is based on several factors including:

  • The parties’ time-sharing schedule
  • The parties’ income
  • The cost of the child’s health care
  • The cost of childcare

Child Support

Attorney Jennifer Dane and her team of experienced lawyers are committed to achieve accurate child support calculations. At the Jennifer Dane Family Law office in Orlando, FL we will carefully consider each factor and ensure detailed attention to childcare costs and health insurance costs that are often overlooked.

Florida provides a “formula” that calculates child support guidelines as mandated by statute. Child support is generally paid on a monthly basis or in accordance with the payers pay cycle and is often paid through an Income Withholding Order. If a parent in Orlando, FL does not remain current on child support, an action for contempt and enforcement can be initiated. Often, the party failing to remain current on child support will be responsible for the attorney’s fees of the party seeking enforcement.

If a parent refuses to participate in the discovery process or refuses to turn over accurate financial information, the courts are now empowered to input an average median income. Additionally, the courts have the power to award retroactive child support for up to 2 years. Florida Statute 61.07 states, “The court has discretion to award child support retroactive to the date when the parents did not reside together in the same household with the child, not to exceed a period of 24 months preceding the filing of the petition.”

Attorney Jennifer Dane will ensure you are aware of your rights regarding child support. The team of experienced lawyers at Jennifer Dane Family Law will proactively collect and analyze the required documents to ensure determination of child support is as accurate and fair in Orlando, FL or surrounding areas.

Experienced Child Support Attorney

Whether you are facing a child support issue or considering pursuing child support payments, Jennifer Dane Family Law can assist you. Call today for a confidential consultation in Orlando, FL with our lawyers to discuss your case and your options in order to prioritize your children. Attorney Dane’s primary focus is to assist you and your family in this difficult transition as seamlessly as possible.

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