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Family Mediation Attorney in Orlando, FL

Jennifer Dane Family Law

Family Mediation Attorney

Family Mediation Attorney

Mediation is an excellent tool for parties to use to facilitate a settlement of some if not all outstanding issues in their case. Mediation allows the parties in Orlando, FL to meet and attempt to settle the case while having some say in the case's outcome. Once the case is placed in a judge’s hands the parties lose all control over the outcome of their case but mediation gives them the opportunity to have some control over how the case will be resolved. Most cases in Orlando, FL are able to be entirely if not partially resolved in mediation. Everything that is said in mediation is confidential and cannot be used against either party in future litigation. This confidentiality allows the parties the freedom to offer suggestions for settlement that they may not have otherwise been inclined to offer.

In Florida parties are required to go to a mediation attorney prior to seeing a judge regarding the issues in the pending case. Most counties offer court run mediation programs at a discounted rate. While county run mediation can be good some cases may require a private mediation, this will be left up to the parties and their attorneys to decide.

Certified Law Mediator

Certified Law Mediator

Attorney Jennifer Dane is also a Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator and offers mediation services for parties that are self represented or represented by counsel. As a mediator, attorney Jennifer Dane works hard to help families in Orlando, FL find resolution and complete settlement of their case specific to that family’s needs. Call the Jennifer Dane Family Law office in Orlando to date or inquire about the sliding scale payment options for mediation.

Experienced and Assertive Representation

Our lawyer Jennifer Dane will personally handle all aspects of your divorce. You will be able to contact Attorney Dane by phone, text or email at any time with questions specific to your case and your concerns. Your case will never be handed to a less experienced attorney. Attorney Dane is the only attorney in the Orlando, DL area that will advocate for you throughout the entire case. Jennifer knows each client and takes a very personal interest in the well being of the client and the family as a whole. At Jennifer Dane Family Law your divorce and mediation will get full attention.

Representing Your Interests

If you are facing a divorce and would like more information on mediation, contact Jennifer Dane Family Law office for a consultation in Orlando, FL, to discuss your case, your options and your family. Jennifer’s primary focus is to help you and your family transition through the divorce process as seamlessly as possible.

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