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Contested Divorce Attorney in Orlando, FL

Jennifer Dane Family Law

Contested Divorce

What is a Contested Divorce?

Attorney Jennifer Dane helps individuals in Orlando, FL to navigate their contested divorce, when they have not been able to reach an agreement with their spouses on key issues such as division of assets, child custody, spousal support, and other related matters. At Jennifer Dane Family Law office we work with our clients to focus on their priorities – concerns, relationships, children, assets and financial priorities. As an experienced and trusted Orlando, FL contested divorce attorney, Jennifer Dane will be straightforward and helpful in advising you about the law, and active in implementing strategies to achieve the outcomes to your goals. Our staff will attack your contested divorce by:

  • Drafting and/or Responding to all legal pleadings;
  • Immediately address temporary issues including, child support and alimony;
  • Gather financial information from your spouse;
  • Collect all favorable information relating to your divorce;
  • Prepare and quickly work towards the best possible resolution.

For Help Contact a Contested Divorce Attorney Today

Attorney Jennifer Dane will personally handle all aspects of your contested divorce in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas. You will be able to contact Ms. Dane, your contested divorce lawyer, by phone, text or email at any time with questions specific to your case and your concerns. Your case will never be handled by a less experienced lawyer. Ms. Dane is the only contested divorce lawyer in Orlando, FL that will work with you throughout the entire case. Attorney Jennifer Dane knows each client and takes a very personal interest in the well being of the client and the family as a whole. Your contested divorce will get Ms. Dane’s full attention.

Equitable Distribution

Equitable Distribution in Orlando, FL is the division of a divorcing couple's marital assets and liabilities. Typically, things such as real and personal property, vehicles, retirement accounts, businesses, and stocks and bonds are divided equally between the parties so long as they are a result of the marriage.

Children Issues

Alimony Attorney

The laws in Orlando, FL are rapidly changing regarding Alimony, there is an expected change in June 2015 to the Alimony statute in Florida. If you file prior to that date then you will be under the current laws which clearly define the lengths of marriage but do not give a specific equation for calculating alimony. There are also different types of alimony, including, permanent, periodic, durational, rehabilitative, bridge the gap and temporary.

Children Issues (Parenting Plans and Support)

If you are divorcing and you have minor children, a parenting plan, which will include a time sharing arrangement in Orlando, FL will be included in your contested divorce. These are the documents that will determine each parents rights and responsibilities to the children and where the children will sleep every night, or time sharing. Once the time sharing is determined then child support will be calculated based on each party's net incomes and the percentages of overnight visits each parent has with the children each year.

The Contested Divorce Process in Orlando, FL and What to Expect Next

  • The Petition for Dissolution of Marriage is filed & a Summons is issued by the clerk of court.
  • The Petition is Served on the Respondent by a process server or sheriff’s deputy. The Respondent has 20 days to respond in writing to the summons.
  • The exchange of discovery, or mandatory disclosure is completed by both the Petitioner and Respondent.
  • Mediation is coordinated & set.
  • If a resolution at mediation cannot be met then the parties may move forward to trial or they may choose to mediate the case again.
  • If the parties choose to move towards trial, then deposition will be set, additional discovery may be requested, and a notice for trial is filed with the court.
  • Pretrial conference is set and the Judge will give the lawyers a trial date and time.

These are the very basic steps in getting your case to trial in Orlando, FL; there may be additional steps taken as every contested divorce case is unique and requires attorney Jennifer Dane’s full attention.

Hire an Experience Contested Divorce Attorney to Protect Your Family

If you are facing a contested divorce or are considering what your next steps are, contact the Jennifer Dane Family Law office for a confidential consultation in Orlando, FL to discuss your case, your options and your family. Attorney Jennifer Dane’s primary focus is to help you and your family transition through the divorce process as seamlessly as possible.

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